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Just One Picture is a photography blog and podcast. I review one picture from a photography point of view, but also look at the context of the photo: The location, the subject or person in the photo and additional context that is interesting.

So it’s all about Just One Picture and its story.

Just One Picture: Nonprofit

Nonprofit - Turtle
Kuramathi Island, Maldives, 2018

This blog and podcast is purely my personal fun and hobby. I am not selling anything with this and I also do not accept any advertising on the blog or in the podcast.

World Wide Fund For Nature (WWF)

The only thing I am asking readers and listeners is to help me raise funds for a charity. I have decided to support the World Wide Fund For Nature (WWF) as I believe in their mission and work.

WWF Panda

Please support my Just One Picture fundraiser

So please support my fundraiser and donate. 100% goes to the WWF. Every $$ counts!

Click here to donate: WWF Fundraiser

Thank you!

Andreas Timm

Andreas Timm

I am a family man, technology aficionado and photographer. I do enjoy sports like running and scuba diving. Love traveling the world with my family!

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